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Transport for London policy, Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charge solutions

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AAG are pioneers in the green motoring industry, having developed an encyclopedic knowledge of green motoring solutions and have a network of solution providers.
We offer are range of services for operators, that fall within the current TfL policies, including 

The current Congestion Charge zone ONLY discounts a vehicle producing less than 100g/km of Carbon Dioxide. Currently registered uses continue being discounted. TfL is running a year-long information campaign to remind vehicle operators to prepare their vehicles for changes that will see larger vans (between 1.205 tons unladen and 3.5 tons Gross Vehicle Weight), minibuses (5 tons or less  Gross Vehicle Weight with more than 8 passenger seats) and other vehicles* included in London's LEZ to help deliver cleaner air for Londoners and improve quality of life. The campaign started in January 2011. The affected vehicles will have to meet a Euro 3 standard for particulate matter, in order to drive within the LEZ free of charge and avoid daily penalty charges. * The LEZ will also affect a number of diesel-engined specialist vehicles such as motor caravans, motorised horseboxes and light utility vehicles, even if they are used for private purposes.
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